Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cubes, the world still thinks you're a tool

So Henry Abbott tried to get into the Mav's locker room tonight, just to see if perhaps Mark Cuban's edict would wiggle for an ESPN blogger. It didn't. Abbott, Andrew Kamenetzky of the Los Angeles Times and, of course, Tim McMahon of the Dallas Morning News were all stopped at the door. Apparently, there was even a shitlist, I mean, ahem - a list of bloggers, so the guard would know who was verboten. The most moronic thing? I'll let Abbott explain:

The Laker locker room, however, is fair game for bloggers tonight. As, of course, is the Mavericks' locker room at any road game.

I still haven't met anybody who tells my they understand or believe Mark Cuban's explanation of how the blogger ban came to be.

So yeah, Cubes. Nobody believes you. Nobody. And pretty much everyone thinks you're a tool.