Saturday, March 22, 2008

Edward R. Murrow Would Be Scared, If He Weren't So Dead

As you know, D Magazine publisher Wick Allison was due to get a protest today. Being somewhat homebound today, I wasn't able to go cover it myself, but we have an eyewitness account - and a scintillating one at that, courtesy Frontburner, and the protest organizer herself:
Come on guys, you can have your fun exercising your rights in the name of freedom of speech, but then why would you want discriminate against me exercising mine? Those who do not agree with Rodgers have a right to say so.protest and demonstrate. This is America and I am one proud American to exercise my rights. After all my grandparents died for me to have them. This is not a WHITES ONLY matter. you know.It’s a two way street. Thanks to the Highland Park Police Department for providing me with the city’s policy and procedures and we will act accordingly. Who said I went to the leasing office to see Vance Miller, Tim. I have his address and telephone number at this office and his home. I just wished that you guys would do a balanced story on what really happened at Pct. 3549 and how my voters were deprived and disenfranchised by the conduct of two white attorneys from out of state. and all you guys get a kick out of is my mispelled words and cactus juice. and then question MY sanity?????? For the gawkers. Our first point of contact was the merchants at Highland Park Village, which appears to be the largest advertiser in D. Magazine. Bloggers you may follow up with our activities by contacting the merchants at Highland Park Village to inquire what and who may have contacted them. Secondly, our next plan of action was to contact each Highland Park resident door to door who may be consumers of any of the merchants for support of our cause. ( Ask Lake Highlands the neighborhood of Alan Walne. They remember 2000.) Therefore, bloggers may followup by visiting door to door to any address in Highland Park and inquire at each house that does not have a “no soliciting or handbills sign” per instructions from HPPD. Should you get tired and exhausted, please ask for a drink of the complimentary cactus juice that we left at each home. Ask Charlie, did he say that those were the Pat Longs that he introduced me to as witnesses that a black female was seen talking to him, however only Charlie can attest to what the conversation was about. Jim, do you think you can get an exclusive from Charlie. ( Whatchawanna bet that Charlie forgot to tell Wick or Vance that this was off the record. Glad to see that D doesn’t discriminate when exposing their tipsters. You wouldn’t do that would you, JIm. How many days did the journalist spend in jail on the Clinton matter? too bad we aint got jours with bawls like that just give you up for a headline. Bet you Ron Kirk and Kneeland Youngblood weren’t there to hear about our chat at the country clubs. Oh, that’s right Jim, they don’t let you in either, which while we are here, this is as good as any time to bring this matter up. In the Observer, I talked about my relationship with the lobbyists for Yellow Cab and how I agreed to meet there because it was located near city hall and in route to my home. Some how, the readers there as here, thought that my visits were unethical. This is what black folks have a problem understanding. How can you evidence that a black councilperson having a drink with a white north dallas individual who may have an issue before the council and somehow that visit is viewed as being unethical when white people on the council live next door to the people who do business with the city, they play golf with them, go to church with them, their kids go to school together,they have dinners and go on trips, like exotic trips and cruises. Then these same white bloggers and readers here think we are crybabies when we won’t support a candidate who belongs to all white country clubs where all the decisions are made, where all the judges and lawyers that decide our fate and then our black judges, and lawyers, and mayors, and legislators can’t sit in the sauna rooms and the smokey filled rooms. Since Obama is half white ….uh oh, let’s not go back to the one drop of blood measurements. I’m still asking D Magazine to adhere to journalistic standards and investigate what really happened that night at Pct. 3549. I was acting in my duly elected official capacity with full authority to deliver in person the administrative paperwork in said envelope to the Party Headquarters by Thursday, March 6 by 6:00 p.m. but because a WHITE person from NEW MEXICO sends you a picture of a black female with an envelope that does not indicate who the black woman is, where and when the picture is taken,and what is in the envelope? This blog refuses to examine the conduct of the ATTORNEY who took the pictures and sent them to this blog, who had been fired from the New Mexico Democratic Party two weeks prior, who chased me three blocks on foot at 10:30 p.m as I walked my duly authorized self to my home. and Yet I was treated to 145 entries that I am mentally ill and committed a crime. I think anybody following me and taking pictures on their cell is out their mind and NOOOOOOOOOOO they weren’t going to follow ME home. They didn’t CHASE me anywhere, I LED, like follow me?, to the police station where all ( except the attorneys )were duly identified and later charged. Now write about that in your blogs. I’ve reported the two out of state so called attorneys to the FBI for investigation into my claims since they identified themselves to the media. Since thier Governor if for Obama ask him if he is going to extradite them for inciting a riot, assault, and stalking charges, I seek. I dos’t like none of this. Yea, I am free to use ebonics anytime I get ready to so whatcha you gonna do aboutit? I’m at this site to defend my honor, where do you guys find the time and what do you do for a living besides bloggin for D Magazine to rev up your ratings, but alas not at MY expense and not without a price. Somebody that really knows more about me than these soundbites needs to tell you. Go ahead and make my day counting the number of words I blog here or is it that you guys are trying to shame me in an effot to deprive me of the same rights to EXPRESS my OPINIONS here. Since you guys have nothing to do . Come to the Senatorial convention and see if the New Mexico attorneys try to physically restrain the big black senator from the 23rd and the black county commissioner who is for Hillary and has broke the ankle of white racists who think they can still RUN us. Now report I said that. When I asked Tim if he would consult with his attorney about invasion of privacy without me having to take any legal actions. He said that D Magazines wasn’t going to spend any money on attorneys. I thought to myself, this guy must get a commission from their attorney on the number of people he can goad into taking legal action. Understand this, anybody can sue anybody for anything. Read the rules of conduct that are provided for their readers on other blogs. but D sits smugly because they refuse to implement such policies and warnings. The first course of action, the aggrieved are asked, is to see if the matter can be settled out of court. As for the audios, what proof do we have here to determine if they are actually the voice of Sandra Crenshaw and which parts were edited to delete the off the record request. Some journalists will go to any extenst for a story even blackmailing a potential tipster if the person didn’t allow them to scoop first. Now is that on the tape? I’ll listen to the tapes under subpoena when I seek to autthenticate them/ Speak Louder!!!!!! An aggrieved cannot even subpoena the identity of those who blog here at D because there are no requirements, how convient so we will never know how many of those 145 comments came from the D advertising department. Seems like Tim has been given carte blanche to run up the legal bills that Haynes and Boone will glady hourly calculate. I thought the advertisers were supporting news that they could use instead of supporting Haynes and Boone. Jim, you must know that I am in hog’s heaven, in Highland Park. I’ve always admired Highland Park Republican activism from afar. When a judge unfairly reduced the bond for a citizen who had murdered his wife but knew the judge personally,the HP republicans removed him from office. The judicial system in our country says that the citizens are the judges of judges. When will my community learn that. The more publicity my cause gets from this, I hope people who look like me finally get it. We fought to put black people in office that would do right by BLACK PEOPLE not to be minority fronts for white businesses like we do here in Dallas, Rufus Shaw may he rest in peace.(that’s why I keep getting elected in my neighborhood. They know me by my stances not by your silly headlines and worthless blogs.) They know I am going to make sure my voice is being heard. Rufus Shaw wrote and I quote “I write negatively about Sandra Crenshaw because I don’t want white people to think she has any credibility” In slavery days that equated to “Pick me Massa Pick Me” and then the nerves of the Dallas Morning News to put James Ragland, a black journalists to pose the questions to the readers, why is there so much corruption in the black community in Dallas” because it’s set up that way dummy just like they won’t say it so they put your black face to say it.” YES JimS, I just hope that Highland Park will continue to do the right thing here even when it is one big mouthed black woman is concerned. This aint’ about me. Mental Illness has no color limits and your bloggers here are despicable and public humilation victims do not limit their sucidial acts to themselves, you irresponsible idiots. JimS, you have my number, want to tag along?