Thursday, March 20, 2008

Help Far Away But Close Up

Sometimes I complain that my water tastes like dirt, but we really do take for granted that we have potable water to drink. Nevermind the that it might not completely suit our delicate palates, we could be pumping out brown, contaminated, murky water from a communal pump, or carrying it up from a source that doubles as a latrine. UNICEF says the lack of access to clean water is the second largest worldwide killer of children five and younger. Which is where a very worthy endeavor called the Tap Project comes in to play. Basically, instead of taking that water you're served automatically for free when you're seated at your favorite restaurant, you make a donation for it. At least a dollar, more if you can. One dollar can work a miracle, according to UNICEF, who is behind the project:
For every dollar raised, a child will have clean drinking water for 40 days.
It began March 16, and wraps up Saturday, so I'm a little behind in mentioning it, but you have two days (three, if you haven't eaten dinner yet), to get cracking. There are about 160 restaurants in the Dallas area (give or take), so you should be able to stumble across one you like. If not, you can also just donate on the Web site.