Friday, March 14, 2008

Safe and courteous driver.

Although it really is too easy to make fun of Craig's List, it's something to do when one finds she's home, quaffing Nyquil, coughing and watching movies in a bid to rid herself of whatever pernicious distemper suddenly took over her mortal body. I may die. But then, to cheer me up, a friend-whose-name-rhymes-with-fisty, began sending me Craig's List ads, such as this one, the "safe and courteous driver." And of course this guy, who wants to make a baby. And this one, who wants you to completely alter your hair in a way most unbecoming for anyone not Bjork or a three year old for one date. There may be more later, after the Nyquil really gets me good and goofy. We all love a goofy Bethany.