Monday, March 31, 2008

Shame on you, Mansions at McKinney Ranch

I know business is business, and a contract is a contract. But a man is dying of cancer, and his one goal before doing so is to get his family settled with relatives in Utah. I can't imagine having a $9,000 debt hanging over your head, in addition to everything else. So do you think maybe you could cut a guy like Matt Budge a little slack? I'm talking to you, Western Rim Property Services, and you - The Mansions at McKinney Ranch. Such nice humanitarian work as yours has landed you the attentions of CNN as well, who put WFAA's piece on the front page of Nice going. Then this evening comes news that, during Jody Dean's morning show on KLUV, a wealthy woman became so incensed at the news she called in and offered to pay the entire $9,000. But that's really not the point. I know the standard Texas Apartment Association lease - which is what most complexes use - doesn't provide for a hardship arrangement where re-letting fees and such are waived. But it also doesn't say you can't provide it, either. And really, was the now national bad publicity worth the $9,000? Real estate blog Active Rain has more on the problem - including contact information on how to get in touch with Western Rim and management over at The Mansions if you'd like to give them a pat on the back.