Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Great Unload

So I have discovered that, at the end of an sucktastic day, it is nice to unload. So here, I shall provide everyone the ability to do just that. Call it the great unload, an emotional Correctol, if you will, before I start the live blogging on American Idol. I for one, would like to thank the white Honda in front of me on my way home who really didn't want to pick a lane, or a speed. I would like to thank Central Market for being out of the beer that would make my life worth living tonight. I would like to thank the makers of Relepax for attempting to rid me of the massive tension-based migraine I now have - good effort, guys. I would also like to thank the person responsible for making the last hour or so of my day so fun, you passive-aggressive funster, you. Comments are on.