Thursday, April 3, 2008

It Really Doesn't Matter If Your Boys Can Swim

Apparently, watching American Idol last night sucked all my energy and life force, because I fell asleep before the news even came on, and woke up around 4 a.m. I checked out a few blogs - (blind item to fellow blogger: Girl, there's a reason you don't make eye contact with strangers on the DART train, and that reason is applicable to many situations - don't engage the crazy) - and then opted to look at online version of the Dallas Observer, mostly because I'm too lazy to seek out a rack. Megan Feldman wrote a very interesting piece on the fact that basically the AG's office is condoning fraud, and apparently it's a longstanding practice. See, unless you challenge paternity of a child born during a marriage within four years and go through all the necessary testing, the test just doesn't count. The kid is basically yours by squatters rights. So if you're one of those head in the sand types and thought everything was fine and dandy for four years, and suddenly was presented irrefutable evidence to the contrary, you're screwed. Now, yes, the stand-up guy is gonna say, "Yanno, blood or not, I've been dad to these kids, I love them, they think I'm their dad, I'm going to be there for them regardless the lack of alleles we have in common." However, shouldn't that be a decision he gets to make - not one foisted upon him by the government?