Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Random Thoughts In My Head

  • Am I the only one that expects Jason Kidd's voice to be deeper, and less like a Muppet's?
  • Am I the only one that really just wants to e-mail this guy and ask (among many, many, other open-ended questions) how that's working out for him?
  • And furthermore, how awesome and Harry Potterianesqueish is the phrase "false terribles?"
  • Am I wrong in imagining Rockwall's Jason Castro kind of wandering around aimlessly backstage at American Idol, people frantically looking for him, and then finding him and just basically tossing him on stage? Because seriously, he always just looks really surprised to be on stage, like he meant to turn left and go to the can, and ended up in the middle of a soundstage in Los Angeles in front of a crapton of people. (If so, don't worry, JC. I have that dream frequently. Only I'm wearing cleats, a tutu, knee pads and dancing with Donald Rumsfeld.)