Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dear Mold Spore and Grass Pollen Doohickey:

I get it, OK? You're small, tiny, microscopic, and I am big, yet you can make me miserable. Last night, I drank Nyquil. I couldn't be bothered with the dosing cup. I'm sure I was on some kind of robotrippin', alcohol high, but it was all good, because today I took a Sudafed, and I'm wired like a speed freak at a um, speed freak convention. Do they even have those? I looked today, and apparently last night I wrote an entire blog about how awesome is a word, and another word frequently used by someone else is not actually a word. I was Nyquil'd enough to write approximately 500 words on it, which is not only too many words to devote to the person and the subject, but is also about the length of the average Dallas Morning News story. So now I'm taking suggestions that don't involve potentially lethal amounts of over-the-counter drugs, nor needles, to rid me of this allergy issue. Or at least abate it a little. Lovely buddy Anne already mentioned buying raw honey gathered from bees that live near me. I'm researching that. Any other suggestions - besides some sort of locking device on blogger after I've had Nyquil?