Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yet Another Finger Points to Chantix

It seems as if the entire city of Dallas stops and listens when it hears the word Chantix now - due in large part to the tragic death of Carter Albrecht. I know I do. I've never really commented on any other blog - to my recollection, anyway - regarding Albrecht's death. I know I enjoyed his music, and I know that I was aghast to see a lot of the hurtful things that were posted by a lot of ill-informed people after he died. But today, while I was getting ready for work, I saw a piece by ABC News' Brian Ross on the military testing Chantix on vets. It turns out there's an entire investigative series, "Disposable Heroes," done in conjunction with the Washington Post on it. It's an interesting read. In Ross' piece, U.S. Army sniper James Elliott describes how one night he just snapped:
On the night of February 5th, after consuming a few beers, Elliott says he "snapped" and left his home with a loaded gun.
Sound familiar? The article also brings up Albrecht, and a few others that have had episodes after taking the drug.