Monday, July 21, 2008

Dave Marsh Eats Thor Christensen's Lunch

Not to pile on TDMN tonight, but over on its music blog, Playlist, critic Thor Christensen takes Dave Marsh to task for his story on the greatness that is Alejandro Escovedo. Christensen says he doubts Marsh would've written such a glowing piece in the Austin Chronicle if Marsh's wife, Barbara Carr, wasn't Escovedo's new manager. Says Thor:
Dave Marsh is one of rock's all-time best (and feistiest) critics. But at age 58, he's still got a thing or two to learn about journalistic ethics.
Hmmm. And ouch. Thing is, Marsh is pretty well-respected. He's also, I guess, better at the Internets than Thor Christensen, because he responded in the comments section.
I'm not a liar and you're ignorant. I wrote the liner notes for Por Vida, the Alejandro tribute album. I have been a supporter from the beginning.
Yeah, Thor, it's true, too. I checked. Took five seconds on Google.