Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vacation Over, and Other Various and Assorted Things

I took a brief vacation from blogging - for those of you who missed me - mostly because the office blocked Blogger for a while. Tonight, on the way out, I found it was magically unblocked again. If only YouTube (or UTUBE if you're Jane McGarry) and a couple of other choice sites would get unblocked, I'd be able to while my day away the way in which a true procrastinator should. Quite a bit has happened, including me somehow running for a seat on the Press Club of Dallas Board of Directors. Last night, I got a chance to plead my case to a few PCD'rs at The Gingerman, and met a lot of great people in the process (Hey Jeff, Yo Jason, Howdy Liz, What ups Jo, Delissa and Gail). I'm not entirely sure I'll actually win - mostly because I'm the world's most lackadaisical campaigner in the history of campaigning. Odd, I know, given my predilection for all things political, but when it comes to actually running for an office myself, I kind of just sit back and see what happens. But hey, it worked in high school. I usually, I guess, save my energy for what comes after the campaign - the actual work.