Thursday, August 7, 2008

Of This, and That ... "Is It Friday Yet?" Edition

1. Maybe the "Straight Talk Express" talks straighter than it drives. 2. DNS, blah, blah, blah, hackity, hackity, hackity, something something Dan Kaminsky! 3. Is it just me, or are other girls of a certain age out there vaguely bothered by the fact that a song they used to sing into a hairbrush with their friends was penned by a guy? 4. Dear Patrick Crayton: I know in last night's "Hard Knocks" you said you wouldn't be dropping any more important, game-winning balls, but do you have to um, run your mouth before the season ever starts, thereby adding to our long list of probable jinxes, IJS? 5. Somebody is lookin' for love. 6. Need a job? Can you point and move your hands back in forth, palms parallel to the floor, while appearing to have massive loads of fun with, say, a Frigidaire? Then go here. 7. I'm not telling you where the body is. No, you can't make me, because I don't know anything about any murder. I'm not confessing to anything. I don't know anythi...wait, is that chicken? 8. The Dallas Morning News debuted a feature about, oh, five seconds ago that allows readers to comment on stories posted online. I'm test driving it now.