Friday, August 22, 2008

Of This, and That - It's Friday, Did You Know?

1. Lupe, Lupe, Lupe. Didja think nobody'd notice? 2. Booger Red is going to jail. And hell. 3. This expert proves in Time magazine what I've been saying all along - instead of saying no steroids and performance enhancers, let's level the playing field and give 'em to everybody. Problem solved - next! 4. James Carville says Obama needs to get mad about something to win. My suggestion? Make him pay to fill up 20 minivans in succession, and then buy 20 families groceries. He'll be ready for the defensive line of the Cowboys after that. He'll be Roy Williams mad. But seriously, there are plenty of other things to get mad about than how many houses someone else has, no matter how elitist it seems that they don't know how many they have. 5. You're 25 percent less likely to die in Dallas.