Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Of This, and That - Tuesday Edition

1. Anybody else ready to just kidnap Jenny and not tell anyone where she is? In other words, can we make a decision - preferably whichever one will resort in the least amount of hand-wringing and squawking - and do it already. 2. If you can't beat them, throw them off the ballot. 3. Gordon Keith, do you really Twitter? 4. Good news! I may soon be able to pack heat at school (if I become a teacher), and at any national park (regardless of my profession). My aim is substantially better than this guy's, though. 5. OK, lemme get this straight. Some people pay extra to live someplace, and get told what they can park in their yards? And they like this? And it's in the suburbs, not Potemkin Village? 6. Dear Canton: A 59-mile commute is not what I would consider acceptable if I wanted to work in the "Metroplex." Also, Metroplex is stupid. Quit using it, or someone will mistake you for a Potemkin Village. However, Metroplex the Transformer is one kick-arse robot.