Thursday, October 2, 2008

Debate Comments: The Sublime, the Funny, and the Astute

We live-blogged the debate over at m-pyre tonight - and I encourage you to go look at the whole thing (it's in the comments) . A smattering of the observations: Did she just wink at the camera? - Don't drink every time she says, "Maverick." You won't make it past 9:30. - We should start a pool about how many specific examples of *anything* she gives tonight. - If she says hockey, soccer, football mom one more time i am going to throw up - Palin is good at speaking plain. That's her strength...she hasn't been around long enough to get the pol speak down. - Biden is really effective correcting her... his tone is just right. - She's not going to answer your question, Gwen, because she hasn't prepped for that one. - You can't go out and get a private insurance policy worth crap unless you are under a group plan. If you do, they penalize you with preexisting clauses and it's a hell of alot more expensive and they can raise your premiums whenever they choose.... - I'm sorry, once again I can not keep a straight face as Republicans try and bash tax breaks to oil companies. Remember when McCain did that during the convention speech, and there was a confused silence in the crowd? - "Main streeters like me" When Biden says Obama pointed out the subprime lending crisis two years ago, I'd like to point out that this was an issue of the left 2 years ago. - "I don wanna talk aboot bankrupcy, i wanna talk energy and alaaaaska" - He's so right, drilling isnt going to make any bit of difference... not for a very long time anyway. Yes I think we should to an extent, but obviously alternative fuels is where we need to put our bucks. - She's standing up fine. He's gona have to get to her in the late rounds - I used the Castro Brothers once when I moved. They were punctual, well-groomed, and quite polite. - "can we talk afghanistan? i have color coded flash cards for that one." - A "shout out"?!!?!? Are you kidding me?!? How about "Hi Mom"! Does she not realize the caliber of forum that she's in? - She keeps saying "reform"... This word... I do not think it means what you think it means. - Well .. at the very least ... she's going to be tolerant of us gays (me). WTF. - Maverick = crappy Dallas basketball team that toys with people's emotions by looking like they'll win momentarily, only to choke on it when the stakes get high. I take it back. Maverick is wholly appropriate. - I love how Joe brought up our loss of creditably abroad. That's a very important issue to me. -