Friday, October 31, 2008

Early Christmas Shopping

So a conversation with my friend Amanda has spurred a blog post. As Halloween prepares to be done with for another year, and Thanksgiving creeps upon us in a haze of overeating, football and booze, now is the time when all good women (because seriously, who does the family Christmas shopping) realize that they've got less one month and 23 days to get it all done.

Which isn't what Amanda and I were talking about, really. We were talking about the perfect presents for some of the city's luminaries and officials, and other people. Which means now we're going to start the list of perfect presents for these folks, starting with the stuff Amanda and I came up with:

Wick Allison: A t-shirt from Amanda's road trip, likely in silk, or um, something else.

Sam Merten: Amanda says: I'm getting Sam gloves, just in case he has to shake Tim's hand ever again." I say: A bottle of Purell will be a good substitute.

John Wiley Price: Anything from this, or a Bedazzler.

Jim Schutze: Apocalypse Ponies

Jim Fowler: A John Wiley Price bobblehead - or something shiny, like tin foil

Jenny the Elephant: Lily Tomlin

Lily Tomlin: Jenny the Elephant

Cynthia Izaguirre: An easier last name - like Smith, or Wurzelbacher, or "the Anchor."

Everyone on Frontburner who takes Frontburner too seriously: A case of the giggles.

The Mavs: Two wins (hey, it's a Christmas miracle. Anything more than two would rob us of the possibility of world peace or the cure to cancer or something)

Tony Romo: Titanium pinkies

So now it's your turn. What would you add to the list?