Thursday, October 2, 2008

A few notes before tonight's debate

I happen to agree with the DMN's Michael Landauer's post on the Opinions blog today, regarding tonight's VP debate moderator, Gwen Ifill. Yes, she wrote a book about black politicians that included Barack Obama. How could she write a book about black politicians and not? Say what you will about him as a presidential candidate, but excluding his meteoric rise through the national political scene would render such a book incomplete.

But I stand by my assertion months ago that Gwen Ifill is not only one of the best political moderators we have now, but that she should also be at the top of the pack of those considered for Tim Russert's old job after the election. Regardless of her political persuasion, she's old school when it comes to explaining politics on the screen - you do so without bias, and with equal care and consideration given to both sides.

And furthermore, we need to officially retire the phrase "in the tank." And whoever first said it needs to be punched in the junk. Seriously. It's as bad as the "drinking the Kool-Aid" thing.