Friday, October 10, 2008

Know Your Blogger: Spamboy

Everyone got to know me in last Friday's first edition of "Know Your Blogger." This week, everyone gets to know Spamboy. Spamboy, meet everyone. Everyone, meet Spamboy. Pseudonym: Spamboy Blog address:
1. In what general region of Dallas do you live?
McKinney, Collin County
2. Before blogging, what the heck did you do with yourself? What are you doing now?
Before blogging, I was a student that travelled, painted, and wrote incessantly in my diary. Nowadays, I'm a business analyst, who dabbles in web stuff on the side 3. Two things people don't know about you ...: a) I have a scar on my face from biting through a live electrical cord b) I buried a 22 year old can of Spam in a time capsule (hence the name Spamboy)
4. Last five books you read, what you're reading now, and what you'll read next:
I can only remember the last three: Schuyler's Monster, Gang Leader for a Day, and 1968: the Year That Rocked the World. This is because I usually only read RSS feeds, a giant pile of magazines (National Geographic, Wired, Newsweek, SI, US Weekly), or baby books as I am about to be a first-time father
5. Best piece of advice ever given to you:
You can't save everyone, but perhaps you can concentrate on saving yourself.