Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Of This, and That, the VP Debate Eve edition

1. What part of this seemed like a good idea?

2. A Dallas lawyer gets told, then it gets all over the Internets.

3. Not quite sure that this reasoning is correct, given that the instances the writer mentions happened pre-bailout. The economic climate has changed, and so have many attitudes about spending money.

4. What you don't know about people in cow costumes could kill you, or at least scare you a lot. I wrote that in my best Jane McGarry voice.

5. "Crap - You can't do that?," Sarah Palin says, as she reads the Canadian paper. Of course she reads a Canadian paper. She reads everything.

6. The Rolling Stone picks on John McCain and his Maverickyness.

7. For the last time: All illiterate racists please pay attention. Muslin is a fabric. A Muslim is someone who believes in the Islamic faith. Please remember this when designing your next sign, banner, t-shirt or button.