Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fixed...sort of - and why I'm afraid DMN commentators come equipped with pitchforks, tar and feathers

I still am unable to edit a post after I publish it (thus the quadrillion Know Your Blogger posts), but I seem to be able to actually blog. So what would I like to talk about? How about this? Trey Garrison is right. Many of the comments on this thing are absolutely appalling, and applaud the bus driver for doing something other than her job. Most school districts - and I'm assuming Plano ISD falls under this category, too - have provisions and procedures in place for what a bus driver is supposed to do when dealing with an unruly student. Granted, they don't have the option of hauling them to the principal's office, like a teacher, and they're not as trained as a teacher in dealing with such matters, but a simple list of do's and don'ts have probably been given. Let's add into the mix that the child has developmental issues. Expecting him to behave as the other children do is much like expecting a newborn to read War and Peace and give you a 12-page paper, annotated, on it. In other words, unlikely and unfair. And many of these commenters praise the driver's actions. They rail against the parents, saying a good, old-fashioned beating about the buttocks would solve all societal woes. Clearly, none of these people have parented a child with issues - or they'd know that beating a child for wrongdoing - when that child has problems expressing his emotions in an acceptable manner already - is a bad idea. "I'm not supposed to hit and yell and scream, yet I'm being hit for hitting, yelling, and screaming." The only way to teach a child such behavior is unacceptable is by example. Teaching a child to use their words means the adults around him or her must also do so.