Monday, December 29, 2008

Irreplaceable Music

So I got on this tear today wanting to hear music I listened to back in Fayetteville and Austin. I found several of the bands with no problem at all - BE was on Napster, as were the Nace Brothers. I ordered "Steady on the Shaky Ground" by the Grand Street Cryers and "Boomtown Flood" by Cadillac Voodoo Choir, and they should be here by next week. But then I got to Breedlove. Yes, I know I can listen to my Dan Dyer CD purchased at ACL, but. It's. Not. The. Same. I want to hear "Nina." I want to hear "3 a.m. Drag." I want to, gosh darn it all to heck, hear some "White Thread." I need, need to hear "Reach Out." And there is the problem. You can't find the out-of-print album on iTunes or Napster. I can purchase a used copy of the CD for the low, low price of $79.99 on The only other copy was selling for $125. Gulp. Will I resort to that? Perhaps. But I really want a copy of the Breedlove album, "Reach Out." And until I can find one that doesn't cost as much as groceries, I will try to appease myself with YouTube, which has a few videos posted of a gig at Batfest a few years ago.