Tuesday, January 6, 2009

TV I Didn't Watch

I'm on day two of my doctor-enforced quarantine due to pernicious distemper, and aside from Cold Case Files marathons, I actually haven't watched much TV - including the following: 1. David Chokachi forgot to pack his big boy pants and threw a diva-sized fit, apparently, on Confessions of a Teen Idol. In other news, Dustin "Screech" Diamond wonders if his invite got lost in the mail. 2. Good Morning Texas' Amy Vanderoef asked a financial advisor if "there's an upside to the recession." 3. ABC's 20/20 says giving birth can make you do the "O Face." 4. When JoJo's momma ain't happy, she will give you a dressing down. 5. I completely missed one of the pillars of ladylike behavior on Rock of Love Bus serve buttery nipple shots in a very unconventional, non-Martha Stewart or Health Department approved way.