Thursday, February 12, 2009

MoveOn: Cornyn "Hanging Out with the Arsonists"

In my inbox today, comes this latest beg for money from Only this one's directly targeted at the constituents of one John Cornyn, the Texas senator who decided to be in New York instead of at a stimulus cloture vote. Apparently MoveOn is gearing up to launch an ad lambasting Cornyn for that decision. In part, the e-mail said:
In the midst of an economic crisis caused largely by Wall Street greed, our senator skipped this week's vote on the stimulus plan so he could meet with—wait for it—Republican donors from Wall Street. Sen. John Cornyn wasn't just fiddling while Rome burned — he was actually hanging out with the arsonists. He showed us that congressional Republicans aren't fighting for their constituents who got laid off or watched their retirement savings disappear or lost their health coverage. They're just looking out for their big-money corporate friends.
So guess BOLO that ad, and let us know if you hear it on the airwaves around here. A sneak peek is here.