Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lingering Questions Remain, Much Like a Dingleberry

Everyone finds the story of Robert Powell and Ryan Moats to be reprehensible. But, as I read over my notes from Chief David Kunkle's press conference and the media coverage, I find myself with niggling questions about this case that I just haven't seen answered. They are the dingleberries of this case, if you will. 1. Would the media have gotten all hypercoverage on Powell if Moats was an auto mechanic from the Grove, or a mortgage banker from Plano, instead of an NFL running back? I'm not asking if Kunkle's reaction would've been the same - I think it's obvious from the press conference that he would've handled this case the same. But would we have known about it if Moats wasn't who he was? 2. I thought I had a fairly good grasp of local geography and county and city lines. To my best estimation, the Collin County line is about from Bush north. The city of Dallas starts somewhere in south Richardson. Which makes this question obvious, to me and a couple others: What was Powell doing in Plano, and why was he pulling someone over - in Plano? And how would any ticket he wrote be good, considering he's DPD, and in Plano? What questions still linger for you guys? UPDATE: This may explain at least part of the second question. It seems he lives in Carrollton, which means he could've conceivably be driving from/to home? UPDATE AGAIN: Commenter Steve explains - check it out!