Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol: The Comment All You Want Edition

Much like Frontburner's comments, American Idol's theme today is disco. Last week, the judges used their only save of the season on Matt Giraud, which means this week two people go home. Wait - did Simon pick that shirt out of the discard pile? And with pretty much no ado, we're hearing Lil Rounds singing "I'm Every Woman." I'm still meh. Her backup singers are outsinging her. She's mostly riffing. And screaming. Paula loves it, of course. Randy agrees with me. It was big, it was grand, but it didn't show off her vocals right. Kara says she's been waiting for her to sing Chaka Khan. But she doesn't think it was worth the wait. Paula says she was on complete vocal rest yesterday. Lil didn't tap into her "inner goddess." Simon says she looks sad. He also said this is probably gonna be her last week. Ouch. Kris is up next - with his guitar. He's doing "She Works Hard for the Money." You know, I never thought of a bluesy, acoustic version of this song, but it's actually good. If he could keep the John Mayer faces to a minimum, I could really see him giving Glambert a run for his money. Kara just keeps repeating his name. She thinks the risky arrangement paid off, and she's impressed. Paula said it had a classy Santana vibe. And then something about men buying women's clothes. IDK. Simon said it was a polar opposite of Lil's, in that it was original, well thought out and not karaoke. Randy called him dawg. And dude. And said he was ready for the big time. Danny is doing Earth, Wind and Fire - "September." I'm getting a distinctly karaoke vibe from this. I mean, seriously, you come on and do this, compared to Kris and knowing Glambert is coming? Oy. When I watch Gokey, I think karaoke meets praise night at the local Baptist church. Randy was worried about his choice. But he said he turned into something that worked for him. Kara was also worried. But she thinks he's an incredible vocalist. Not sure he's memorable. Paula likes that he showed his vocal ability. And his voice is sexy. Simon agreed with everyone. Didn't get star power from the performance. He didn't do anything special. Allison is doing "Hot Stuff." Holy leather Batman. She's like, 17? Oy. And this arrangement. Not sure about. She's taking it rock. The beginning, unsure. But at least she's showing she wants to try to compete with Kris and Glambert. And ya know, it's growin' on me. Randy didn't love the arrangement, but thinks she's one of the best singers in this competition. Kara agrees about the arrangement. But she thinks she picked the right song, and that she's one of the best singers. Paula says something about compromise...likes the arrangement because it was authentic. Simon thinks she's always gonna be the underdog, but he th0ught it was a brilliant performance. Glambert is all cleaned up again, with the suit and the non emo hair. He's singing "If I Can't Have You." But he says he's tweaked it. He's turned it into a ballad. The judges will probably like it. It's kinda like if Celine Dion and Air Supply tongue kissed. Randy thinks he's ready right now. And that he's the hot one tonight, "Amuricah." Kara thinks he's brilliant. And inspiring. Like her boobs. Paula never questions her visceral response when he performs. She felt his pain, and thinks he tore his heart out and left it on the stage. Simon thought he would've done Donna Summer. He loved the originality and that it's memorable. Matt is doing "Staying Alive." Hmm...I dunno. Unless he picks it up, he's not really showing much range. I will say it's different from the original arrangement, but still...hmmm...not that memorable. Randy didn't love the arrangement or song choice, but he thinks he can really sing. He says this group is the most talented group in some time...really? Did you develop amnesia from last season? Kara thought it was song. Paula says he picks songs like she bowls. And this was a strike, not a gutter ball. Simon didn't like it. In the real world, he said, it wasn't that great or original. Anoop is singing "Dim All the Lights." OK. Everyone. SLOWING IT DOWN DOES NOT MAKE IT AN ORIGINAL ARRANGEMENT. I mean, it may be a different one, but they better not make it a practice, or it will become really, really obvious. That being said, I'm not sure I love this song. It feels like I'm trapped in an elevator. A nice one, sure, but still an elevator. Randy didn't love the arrangement, but thinks he can sing. Um, yay? Kara thought it was great and thought it sounded like it could be on the radio. Paula likes his growth. Uh? Simon completely disagrees with them, and thinks it was mediocre at best. So, who will be the bottom three? I'm thinking Lil, Anoop, and possibly Gokey or Giraud. Of course, for some reason, people like to not vote for Allison, too, so she could end up there, too. If she does, and is one of the two to go, will Simon, et. al, regret giving Matt G. the save last week?