Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just To Be Completely, Totally Clear

Although the Vote No guys keep telling us all voting no on Props 1 and 2 means you're for the hotel, let's be completely, totally clear: You can vote no on Prop 2 and still vote yes on Prop 1. Aside from the sentiment behind them, the two are different propositions altogether. Really - knock it off, Vote No. It's plain old misrepresentation to tell people a no vote on both means you're for a hotel. You do realize that, by doing this, it could conceivably backfire as well. People could extrapolate that voting yes for both means you don't want the hotel. So what if there are more people than you think that really, really hate the hotel? This could mean that while the hotel is defeated, the city is also saddled with Prop. 2 - a pretty asinine waste of ballot space, as I've explained before. So do the right thing, guys. Voting no on Prop 1 means you want the hotel. Voting no on Prop 2 means you want the city to run efficiently, without having to hold referendums for small expenditures. See? That wasn't so hard to explain.