Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some Help for RIP Dallas

The economy is tough, I know, and getting together a "grass roots" effort to make sure the powers that be build a hotel is tiring. There just is no "fun" in fundraising. And paying for music? An expense you just don't need. But you keep getting called out on it, which is probably embarrassing for an organization that has, up until now, done so well at avoiding such things. So I am here to help. I'm a giver. This is a list of songs that are part of the public domain. This means you - yes you - can use them for the low, low price of free. Now, it's just words and sheet music, no recordings, but I know with all the 200 or so people you have at the ready (with what, 400 more on call?), you can probably muster up a fine group of people to hum these tunes. Maybe there's even someone there with a guitar, or a glockenspiel or a triangle? Maybe a squeezebox or a couple of spoons? Don't say I never did anything to help the pro-hotel groups.