Friday, May 22, 2009

Know Your Blogger: God

Yes, that's right. God. And I know we started this whole "Know Your Blogger" thing saying it would be Dallas bloggers, but God, he be everywhere, if I recall correctly. Today, I talked to God via Twitter, and also enjoyed what will now be a daily destination for affirmations from God Almighty - his blog. Among the things I discovered? He's a Count Chocula fan. So here goes. Name: God Almighty Blog:
1. In what general region wherever do you live?
Right smack-dab in the middle of Heaven. Most people don't have any problem finding it once they get up here; my house is pretty much ginormous.
2. Before blogging, what the heck did you do with yourself? What are you doing now?
Most of what I do now is the same stuff I did before I started my blog. I controlled the Universe, answered prayers, sent blessings down to my humble worshipers, stuff like that. But ever since I decided to heed the Missus' advice about blogging (I don't care what Moses says, it wasn't his idea. And if it was, it wasn't a good idea at the time), it's been way easier for me to keep tabs on all of the goings-on down on Earth. People are seeking me out more than ever before.
3. Two things people don't know about you ...
I usually wear boxer-briefs with smiley-faced shamrocks on them under my robe, and I'm a Libra.
4. Last five books you read, what you're reading now, and what you'll read next:
Last five: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
In Cold Blood
Twilight (I had to see what the Missus was all in a tizzy about)
and... does my Baywatch 2009 desk calendar count as a book?
Now: The Last Lion
Next: He's Just Not That Into You
5. Best piece of advice ever given to you:
'Change the toilet paper roll yourself next time or you'll be sleeping on the couch." - The Missus