Friday, June 26, 2009

Things I've Said This Week

Said this week, and in no particular order: 1. I would like some of the Moose Knuckle ice cream. (Dessert request gone awry) 2. I've discovered five speedwalking geriatrics can be downright terrifying when they're headed your direction. 3. It burns my ass something fierce. 4. If I have to pony up blood or buy Avon, they're getting Funyuns and Diet Dr Pepper, and they'll like it. 5. MJ and Farrah are not only merely dead, they're really most sincerely dead. 6. In honor of MJ, any rumbling I do in parking garages or subway stations will include the use of jazz hands. 7. That squirrel is looking at me again. 8. Dueling asshats? AWE.some. 9. Hee! Anal Fissures. 10. Is having a raging case of the stupids. I think it might be contagious.