Monday, August 3, 2009

And so, we migrate.

After a couple of years and some seriously weird and/or wonderful things falling into my life thanks to this blog, I've decided to migrate to a new blog hosting situation. Why? Well, over the weekend, Blogger saw fit to suspend - for no apparent reason - this blog and several other blogs all over the world. It was apparently a glitch, but none of us were ever given a reason, and none of us ever got a reply when we asked why, or how long. So something I had planned to do in the next few months became an imperative. Yes, this blog is now off suspension, but do I really want to risk the same thing happening again? And really, can I gripe about something I don't pay for? The answer to both is no. So please join me over at the new Eleventy Billionth Blog. I promise just as much fun, just as much thinking, and all the Cowboys live blogging you can stand. And Blogger? Bite me.