Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Once You've Gone Um, That, You Can't Go Back

Poor Petra.... She really did give it a try, co-habitating with the real thing. But a real guy, just like she knew in her gut he would, left her. So she's going back to her big, first love. According to the Associated Press, Petra the black swan became attached to a swan-shaped paddleboat that floated in her lake in Muenster, Germany, a couple of years ago and refused leave its side. Eventually, to get Petra to a zoo, the zoo had to take both the bird and the boat. The zoo finally parted bird and boat last week when Petra fell for a white swan - a real one. The boat was returned to the lake. But the schmuck of a white swan ran off with a bunch of other swans. Petra's heartbroken. According to the zoo, Petra "appears to feel lonely" and agitated. Friday, they're going to reunite her with her paddleboat. Love sucks.