Friday, April 18, 2008

Multitasking, and Political Giggles

So I'm catching up on shows I missed last night, thanks to the storm and hockey. Only, hockey is on tonight, too, so I'm watching the first show I missed, during commercials for the hockey. Thank you, hulu. Last night, I missed 30 Rock and The Office. I'm watching 30 Rock right now, and it's even slower going than it should be because I keep going back to see stuff I think I missed - the political humor in this one is just, well, on this week. Not to mention I find Tina Fey to be a riot. For instance, Jack asks Kenneth the page if he's a Republican, setting up this exchange:
Kenneth: Oh no sir, I don't vote Democrat or Republican. Choosing is a sin. So I always just write in the Lord's name. Jack: That's voting Republican. We count those.
Other highlights included the crawl on the faux MSNBC telecast of Mayor Bloomberg awarding a medal to Liz's ex-boyfriend - which said (among many things), "40 percent of Democrats excited about upcoming depression" and something about Norad and cyborgs...