Monday, April 21, 2008

Things I Learned Today While Working

  1. Men produce about 100 million sperm a day, every day, basically 1,000 sperm for every heartbeat.
  2. Yes, he can make that noise repeatedly.
  3. L'Institut de coopération pour l'éducation des adultes a souligné, lundi, le début de l'opération "Retour à l'école" organisée dans le cadre de la Campagne mondiale pour l'éducation, une initiative de l'UNESCO.
  4. Sales of luxury vehicles and SUVs are expected to surge by 40-45 percent in China this year.
  5. Financial reports the Democratic presidential candidates filed with the Federal Election Commission on Sunday show Hillary Clinton had $10.3 million in debt at the start of the month and only about $9 million cash on hand for the primaries. Barack Obama reported having $42 million for the primary.
  6. Roger Ebert is held together by duct tape.
  7. If you don't eat early, all the good bananas are gone at the deli.