Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Maybe they didn't have more to commend them than their decor and excellent taste in suits. I don't know. But I can't help but wonder why the interior decorating and the fashion choices of Taber Estes Thorne & Carr (one of the few all-female legal firms in Dallas) were given a good 2/3 of a story, while the background of each partner, their strengths and weaknesses, etc....well, that was mentioned, right? I'm pretty much the most lackadaisical feminist you'll ever meet. I don't burn bras, because they're too pretty. I don't mind having doors opened for me, and I've been known to make a mockingly sexist aside here and there, I suppose. But I don't know. It rankles to see females write that they assume a group of successful females would be "a word that rhymes with 'witch.'" It bugs me to know that men think that all successful females sit around at the end of the day around cosmos and talk about them, shoes, and sex. It also chafes to think that to be successful and be a mother, I'd have to bring a bouncy seat to work with me - maybe my husband *gasp* would do that, yes? Or maybe it's Tuesday, I'm short-staffed at work, and I've lost my sense of humor.