Monday, August 11, 2008

Mid-sized Rant on Whiny TV Watchers

In blog after blog - and on news sites - I've seen people completely flip out because the headline gives away the end of a show they've Tivo'd. Here's a hint - if you've Tivo'd Top Chef or whatever, and you don't want to know who gets booted - don't look at a news site or a food blog. Chances are, your surprise is gonna be spoiled. You do not get to whine about it in the comments. It was your own stupid fault, and it is one of the inherent risks of not watching the show live - you may indeed find out the end before you get to watch the show. I say this now because of the Olympics. The other day - I believe on - someone kvetched that the results of the Michael Phelps-starring, American effort at the 4x100 were basically revealed in the headline. Shut. Up. You logged on to a Web site that disseminates news, including Olympics news. Did you think that they'd hide the results because you Tivo'd the race? Trust me, in J-school writing the headline to avoid giving away results because someone recorded the event is not covered, nor should it be. If you don't want to suddenly find out the results of your Olympics event you Tivo'd, I recommend the following sites: This one, this one, this one or this one.