Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday, Friday, FRIDAY: Edition 1

So this is what happens after a bellyful of sushi and a vested interest in procrastination on Friday. You remember Mad Libs, right? Well, I'm going to put one out here right now, and you fine folks can e-mail me your results. Winner gets all my usual Thanksgiving Day recipes, a big bag of Halloween candy, or a Jesus candle. I'll print the winner next Friday, along with a new one.

A Funny Thing Happened on Nov. 4

So there ________(noun) was, on Nov. 4, sitting in front of the _____(noun), _____(verb ending in ing) for election results to come back. Suddenly, _________(pronoun) realized _______(noun) was _____ (verb) all the ________(plural noun).

"Stop!" ______(pronoun) said, and then began ________(verb ending in ing) the ______(adjective) sap _______(number) ways to ________(day of the week).

In another _____(noun), _______(proper name) was ________(verb ending in ing) _________(another proper name) in the _______(noun). I couldn't believe it. Right there in front of _______(proper name), even. ________(noun) these ________(plural noun).

But then Barack Obama won, and we all stopped what we were doing to _______________(activity) in celebration.

It was a _________(adjective) Nov. 4, all in all.