Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thoughts, As I Attempt To Salvage a Workday

Whether you were pleased with the results of the election or not, I can't help but ask: If a person pulls his or her patriotism around his or her shoulders as a brightly-colored cloak you can't help but notice, if they care as much as they say they do about their country, if the good of the nation is really paramount to them - should it not be reasonable that, while perhaps understandably apprehensive, you could also be hopeful that any new president, any new leader, will be able to better the country? Hope should be the overwhelming response on any Inauguration Day, regardless of who is taking the oath. Postscript: It also occurred to me - and I hope it occurred to you readers as well - that hoping a president fails means you are also hoping for dark, horrible times for yourself, friends, family, etc. Who would hope that? It's akin to shaking your fist at your neighbor and yelling, "I hope a tornado hits your house," forgetting that any tornado that damages his house would also likely throw yours in peril as well.