Sunday, March 9, 2008

The newest co-workers

Believe it or not, I've had this list on a legal pad of things I've wanted to blog about - including the subject of millennials. I hadn't really heard the term until about a month ago, but now I find myself doing more and more reading on it, largely because of situations that arise at work. There's a series that was printed in the Dallas Morning News about the subject, and if you search it on Google News, you'll find even more. Basically, the millennials are the children who were raised with all the constant adulation and encouragement that the baby boomers never got and the Gen Xers only got toward the tail end of the era. They're the children who were received constant praise, deserved or not. As generational expert Cathy Looney told the Dallas Morning News, "Parents – both boomers and Gen Xers – thought they could give their kids self-esteem, forgetting that each one of us earns our own self-esteem." It's interesting stuff, and it will be interesting to see which adapts - the workplace, or the generation.