Sunday, March 9, 2008

Politics....and how! Or, how Sandra Crenshaw and I became pen-pals

For those of you who read Frontburner, D Magazine's blog, you are probably well aware by now that there was a fracas at Precinct 3549, in which Sandra Crenshaw faced off with some Obama supporters. Now, since I wasn't there, I have no clue what actually happened. I do know there's allegedly a videotape floating around there somewhere. In the course of live primary coverage, however, Frontburner was told first of the debacle by a commenter named Maggie. Much, much later, Sandra Crenshaw herself responded to the allegations, threatening to sue for libel, among other things. After a few blog posts by Ms. Crenshaw, I offered to edit her blog posts before she posted them. She responded later by posting her e-mail address. I e-mailed her, and several days later, she responded:
Bethany, sorry for waiting so long for getting back to you. I have been busy securing the documentation needed to prosecute the individuals who disrupted the voting process.
I assume that you are from Dallas, Texas. This scenario was a set up by my political adversaries, phone calls to police and all. If you are a journalist, send me your resume so that I can verify it or call me at (phone number deleted by me). I am preparing for lawsuits and need a detailed description of the events as they happened because there were civil and criminal offenses committed here. Obama won the caucus in the states and Hillary the primaries. All my friends around the country said that Obama's strategy was intimidation but now we have documentation of it, video tapes that they illegally conducted, police reports, sheriff's department reports, election and party offices reports, telephone logs from the city offices, and the surveillience cameras from the rec center we raised the money for the cactus juice in the same manner that we bought the cameras,) records from the ambulances, and slander and libel if I did not know any better, i would alledge hillary paid these culprits to do this in Obama's name because all politicos in this town know that I do not play. I am going to challenge the credentials of all OBAMA delegates that were involved in this scheme all Others have set me up and broadcast in the media since 2000 to silence me and to impugn my intergrity and credibility in the community including the state senator, the past mayor, president of Paul Quinn College,, the deputy mayor pro-tem, radio personalities, who are all involved in public corruption. All of those political figures who set me up for the scenes described in the blogs have been convicted of crimes while others are awaiting trials and indictments. The fingerprints of those remaining public figures are all over this.
e-mail me your telephone number and a date and time to me and I will give you exclusive rights to write a book about this. I already have one coming out called "living under the table" and I am looking for an editor when my lawyers file these cases, I will need a press agent So if you can work as the press agent on contingency like the lawyer so that we can get damages, we both can make money off the book on this campaign and the black vote.
It's scary that a black man can hypnotize voters into thinking they were going to actually vote twice and they argue with me for 51/2 hours 7-1:30a.m, trail me through dark alleys and woods and turn themselves into the police arguing with me " Then why did we Obama tell us our vote would not be whole if we did not vote twice. I thought Obama preyed upon the not the ignorance but the TRUST of my neighbors and for that I am fighting mad. and I don't want anyone in the white house like that.
PS you could be the FBI or the DEmocratic Party goons so I don't want to give any ammunition to have me thrown in the trinity river hoffa style. For the record, I'm not a goon from the FBI or the Democratic Party. I will say, though, that this is quite honestly the first time anyone's ever worried I'd throw them in the Trinity, Hoffa-style.